Arijea enables Atlassian Enterprise customers to scale their businesses effectively.

Hello from Arijea (a-ree-gee-a)

We are two Atlassian Alumni co-founders, having spent a combined 10+ years at Atlassian. As such we know the Atlassian space extremely well.

Our focus is on outcomes, not output. We want to assist you in scaling your company effectively.

We look forward to working with you.

Nick Muldoon & Dave Elkan

P.S. Call +1 415 568 7064 or email to reach us.


Dave Elkan, Engineering
Dave spent 5+ years at Atlassian. Dave worked on major refreshes of JIRA and Marketplace before becoming growth engineering lead for HipChat.

Rin Gomura, Marketing
Rin has 9 years of experience working with world famous brands. She has been immersed in start-ups since 2012 and is a Techstars 2015 graduate.

Nicholas Muldoon, Product
Nick spent 5+ years at Atlassian, the bulk as Product Manager for GreenHopper/Agile. Nick joined Twitter in 2012 and learned firsthand the challenges in effectively scaling a fast growth company.



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