Collaborate on Confluence, publish to Super Fast hosting for public consumption

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Instant Websites allows teams to Collaborate in Confluence then publish to Super Fast Hosting

Collaborate then publish

Confluence is the best place to collaborate and create great content. Once that content is ready to share with the world Instant Websites publishes it to a fast, static, and mobile responsive website.

Instant Websites is over 5x faster than loading a Confluence page

Super Fastâ„¢ hosting

Customers that spend less time waiting for pages to load are happier customers. Instant Websites publishes your public content to Amazon Web Services, the industry leading Cloud infrastructure.

Instant Websites is great for company blogs, documentation and marketing landing pages

Documentation, company blogs, and more

Documentation, marketing landing pages and company blogs are great candidates for Instant Websites for Confluence. Plus, business users only need to learn one - the best - tool to collaborate!